Season Break Special – Episode 1


What is Angie’s most embarrassing moment in the iTravel Show?


Angie, is a career orientated Thai-Icelander who happens to be an experienced marketing executive in Bangkok, Thailand. Raised in Iceland, Angie possesses her mother’s traits of ambition and perseverance. The only Thai host of the iTravel Channel shares affection towards her diverse team and her supervisor Kirby. Angie, the sophisticated upper end host of the iTravel show sheds great light to the iTravel Channel.
Angie Baldursdottir
Angie claims her personality on screen and off screen is juxtaposed. With a more serious and informative conduct on screen, Angie is actually quite jovial and hyperactive off screen. Out of all the refreshing videos hosted by Angie, she holds a fondness towards her Thai Beer iTips video.

Angie embraces strong affection for The iTravel Channel and wishes to stick around with the same team as she sees great potential and growth on an international platform. Angelee Sawatdee Baldursdottir is an exotic beauty being Thai and brought up in Reykjavik, Iceland. Angie is a well traveled and well spoken women who speaks Icelandic, English, Spanish, Thai and Danish, yes that’s 5 languages! She loves traveling and being athletic.

She has traveled all over Europe and Southeast Asia as well as Central America and even lived in Honduras. The 27 year old has been the International coordinator for the World Muay Thai Council. Angie loves all sport from Muay thai to American football and is passionate about exercising and cooking healthy food. Keep watching Angie tackle the Thailand as a accomplished presenter with the iTravel Channel!

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