Season Break Special – Episode 3


What is Erika’s favorite iTravel Shoot?


The iTravel Season Break Special episode 3 features an interview with the beautiful Brazilian born and raised Erika, where she shares her history of getting on board with iTravel Channel starting from her Facebook search to the help she received from a cinematographer friend to create an inspirational audition video.
Erika Larissa Alves Carvalho
Erika and our host Kelly discuss how Brazilian model turned host first learned English language from Indian people during her trip to India in 2009 before she continued her journey to China where she got her first opportunity to appear in a film. From an early age, Erika Larissa Alves Carvalho has known she wanted to be an actress and growing up in Sao Paulo, Brazil, she was always singing and dancing!

Erika is passionate about many things including travel, learning languages, animals, culture and star constellations. She began modeling at the age of 15 in her home country and had her first job as a travel presenter in her hometown at 18. She has since lived and worked in India, China, the Philippines and now Thailand. She has traveled all over the world including Russia, Chile, the US and Spain and can speak five languages (and is now studying Thai!) This energetic young woman is also interested in psychology, philosophy, Native American culture and learning more about why she is here. Erika is a wonderful new addition to our iTravel team and we hope you look forward to getting to know her more!

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