Season Break Special – Episode 4


What’s Jinder’s most fun shoot in the iTravel?


Meet Jinder – the most charismatic and energetic member of the iTravel team. A Canadian with Indian heritage, Jinder’s cross-cultural upbringing has gifted him with an insatiable appetite for traveling the world which has brought him from his small hometown near Vancouver to the glowing metropolis of Bangkok, Asia’s most vibrant city.
Jinder Atwal
The very first day Jinder landed in Bangkok he bumped into iTravel’s producer Kirby, and the two have hit it off ever since. Jinder is now a much-loved member of the team who he says are the main reason that working with iTravel is so much fun. His first week with the show was just as much an exposure to Bangkok’s vibrancy as it was to the audience and he has been sure to maintain that sense of discovery throughout all of his presenting work with iTravel.

Harjinder Atwal grew up in a small ski town in British Columbia, Canada where even as a young boy he had big dreams to go out and explore the world! Blessed to grow up in a family of 5 Jinder has a B.S. in Molecular and cellular biology, science being a big part of his life. During university he worked various jobs learning from each experience and trying everything from construction to waiting tables to TV commercials. He began working on his company Mona Vie during school and has worked passionately to become a Diamond Executive and in the top 5% in the community commerce industry at age 23.

He has traveled extensively in the United States and Canada as well as in the UK, South Africa and Japan. He lived in India for one year and has been living in Thailand since June 2012 and has explored this beautiful country as well. Jinder is a go-getter who believes in the beauty and positivity of people and despite being from a small town, never puts limits on the possibilities in life.

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