Season Break Special – Episode 7


How does iTravel differ from other Travel Show?


The last episode of the Season Break Special presents Kirby, Creative Director of the iTravel Channel, the man behind the scenes. This Filipino entrepreneur moved to Thailand in 2005 with buckets full of passion in art and music. He started off his journey here as an English instructor at an American language school before the wheel of fate twisted his career around and launched him into the entertainment industry as if it knew that entertainment has always flowed in his veins.
Kirby Repolido performing at Theatre in Cebu Philippines
The concept of iTravel, which was started it out of his pure passion, has challenged him since the very beginning when there was no business model to follow. Although he had to temporarily say goodbye to the gym to sacrifice himself and his time in the iTravel daily productive rituals, he says it was worth it – especially when all his efforts started to deliver and the business began to gain respect and get a national organization like TAT on board with sponsorship. He considers himself the luckiest person to have found people with the same vision and passion to fill in the iTravel family.

The iTravel Channel is rapidly growing and it will be rebranded in August to celebrate its huge success and to get it started as a brand-new online travel communications platform where businesses can exchange promotions throughout the whole ASEAN region. Kirby Repolido is the creative director and mind behind the iTravel Channel. A Cebu, Philippines native, Kirby speaks Cebuano, Tagalog, English and Thai. He has traveled to many countries all over the world including New Zealand, France, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Laos.

Kirby has been living in Thailand for several years prior to starting the iTravel Channel, teaching English as American University Alumni in Pattaya for 5 years. He has worked in various positions in the travel industry such as a presenter for a local Thai channel and several event and corporate productions.

Kirby has worked tirelessly to make his dream of the iTravel Channel a reality and is meticulous in his work to make sure every video is the best in travel and lifestyle!

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