Seribu Rasa, a Sophisticated Twist on Traditional Indonesian Food




There are several appetizers that are very intriguing to try.

Seribu Rasa

Beef Satay Kota Gede – The BBQ skewered marinated beef is serve with homemade peanut sauce and traditional chilli soy sauce gives a perfect combination of taste.

Selat Popia – A traditional crispy flour cup filled with a variety of mixed vegetables, seafood, chicken and mushrooms, it is a delicious but light dish and with it’s lovely appearance it makes the dish more intriguing to try.

Seafood Dishes

Seribu Rasa – This dish is very well known for its savoury seafood dishes, with a variety of seafood to choose from you can never go wrong with it.

Grilled Bangkok Fish – A BBQ seasoned catfish served with traditional chilli soy sauce giving you a more Thai style dish.

Grilled Jumbo Prawn Pantai Selatan – Jumbo prawns seasoned with BBQ sauce served with south Sulawesi style chilli.

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