Shadow Puppet Museum: The Ancient Art of Nang Thalung


Top Things to See and Do at Shadow Puppet Museum in Nakhon Si Thammarat


The Suchart Subsin Shadow Puppet House teaches about one of the oldest art forms in Thai culture. It’s one of the oldest and most interesting art forms in the Thai culture: nang thalung, or in English, shadow puppetry. The best place to learn about it is in southern Thailand in Nakhon Si Thammarat at the Suchart Subsin Shadow Puppet House.
Shadow Puppet Museum in Nakhon Si Thammart

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The museum was founded by Suchart Subsin. He is one of Thailand’s most skillful puppet-makers and performers, and has even performed puppet shows for the King. The Shadow Puppet House is now run by the next generation of his family. It’s an award-winning attraction that offers people the chance to learn about the history of shadow puppets, see how they’re made and even take in a show.

Suchart Subsin Shadow Puppet House

In the museum, there are shadow puppets on display from over the century. These characters from Thai dramas have a variety of forms form angels to ghosts, demons and damsels in distress. Guests can also compare Thai shadow puppets with those from other cultures, such as India, Turkey and Indonesia. There is also a display of the musical instruments used in shadow puppet plays.

Watching a show here at Suchart Subsin’s house is a fantastic way to learn about Thai culture and the local art of storytelling. Although it is in Thai, it’s a comedic performance that transcends language. The puppets are colorful, funny and the way the master moves them is incredibly skillful. The live music adds another element to the performance. Be prepared to be amazed at the suspense and flow of the story!

Last but not least, watching the process of making shadow puppets completes the experience. The puppets are made from cowhide, and one puppet can take over a month to carve and paint. The preparation behind the performance is truly masterful. You can also buy your own puppet or artwork here as a take-home treasure.


The Shadow Puppet Museum is located in the city centre at 10/18 Si Thammarat Rd, Soi 3. It is only about a ten-minute walk from the temple Wat Phra Mahathat.

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