Shining the Spotlight on the Spectacular Seaside Resort of Hua Hin


Premier Beachside


If you want the latest and greatest in holiday destinations, nightlife, dining, health, fashion and more in Thailand and Asia – you are in the right place. This season we will be profiling the premier beachside destination of Hua Hin. Located just 200 kilometers from Thailand’s bustling capital, Bangkok, Hua Hin is one of the original and most breathtaking seaside resorts in Thailand.

As always, we will be doing hotel and restaurant reviews, profiling things to do, filming the best events as well as giving iTips and iDeals – to help you have the best holiday. Hua Hin was originally discovered in 1921, by Prince Purachatra. And thanks to its beautiful setting and proximity to Bangkok, it has become a favorite for Thai royalty as well as well to do locals. What creates its unique charm is that it offers a huge range of activities – minus the crowds and tour buses!

Characterized by a warm, traditional feel, this is the perfect getaway for a relaxing taste of Thailand’s beach culture. Fronted by a 5 km white sand beach its obvious highlights include sunbathing, snorkeling and swimming – but Hua Hin offers far more. From being the golf course capital of Thailand, its heavenly spas, stunning caves and waterfalls, delectable dining and nearby national parks make this a destination you cannot miss.

So, Stay tuned as we profile Hua Hin in detail over the next episodes to give you an insider’s guide into this fantastic destination – and you will soon fall in love too.

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