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Shopping Options in Bangkok, Thailand


Bangkok is full of shopping surprises. We don’t get the full picture by just visiting the shopping giants like Paragon or MBK. Join Simon as we go beyond the facade of sky rises and tall structures to the streets, the markets and the hidden gems of Bangkok where you can find true value for your money.

Experience the culture and insanity in bagging a bargain as we hit the real Bangkok shopping world this week on your iTravel iTip. When people think about shopping in Bangkok, they can’t help but associate it with good value for money purchases. But what you might find is that while the shopping might be good, the bargains might be hard to find.

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Platinum Fashion Mall

The big malls are no secrets and they’re great visits, but while you are in the same area, make your way to the unknown treasures of the city. The Platinum Fashion Mall is a must go when bagging a bargain.You will hear about this one when you open any tourist guide. And rightly so. But right across the road is the Pratunam Wholesale Market likely the cheapest market in Thailand, this is where store and stall owners stock up on mainly clothing but also accessories, jewelry and shoes.

Siam Square

Siam Square is a cluster of charming stores and ally ways that you never get bored to visit. Tucked away in the hustle of ‘The Square’ with the Mad Hatter inspired décor, is Siam Vintage- an indoor maze of eclectic young designer collections for one-off unique pieces at reasonable prices. This place of individual expression is your key to a trendy bargain.

Talat Rot Fai

On the other side of the tracks is Talat Rot Fai or the train market as it is directly translated. Around the corner from Chatuchak markets, Talat Rot  Fai comes into life after sunset. It is not only the place to go for retro clothing, furniture and miscellaneous artifacts, you can snag a great bargain at the same time.

Make sure to visit what used to be a train warehouse on the right hand side where the nostalgic 30s come to life and you can get that gramophone or mechanical bull you’ve always wanted. If you’ve grown weary of haggling your way through touristy stands to make sure you’re getting value for your money, look no further. These are the places to go to bag the bargains that Bangkok is so famous for.

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