In the Jungle: Siam Safari in Phuket ,Thailand


The only elephant camp in southern Thailand certified by the Royal Thai Government


If you’re traveling to the Land of Smiles, Siam Safari is an attraction you definitely do not want to miss. Started in 1989, the company is one of Thailand’s longest-running ecotourism projects and one of the pioneers of environmentalism and conservation in the southern provinces.
Siam Safari, Phuket Thailand
Located in Phuket, Siam Safari started over 20 years ago as a conservation project for elephants that were left displaced after Thailand made their use for the logging industry illegal. Soon after, they began providing elephant trekking as a means for these elephants to continue with a purpose and daily routine of work. For elephants that had been working their whole lives, they needed such an activity to carry on – in fact, elephants have been working in Thailand for centuries.

Today, Siam Safari is an important destination for tourists to learn about why elephants are so special to Thai culture and also the importance of saving them from human dangers like illegal poaching for their tusks. The company offers a “four-in-one” half day safari where tourists can learn about traditional Thai activities like making coconut milk and oil, rice-farming and the tapping of rubber trees.

Most importantly, Siam Safari is an opportunity for people to get up close and personal with Thai elephants. Not only can they take a ride through the jungle on these beautiful creatures, they also get to feed them and interact with their young.

There are many elephant camps on the island of Phuket, but the sad reality is not all of them treat their elephants with kindness and respect. That is why supporting Siam Safari, and its many projects including elephant conservation and in Phuket, is so important. It’s the only elephant camp in southern Thailand certified by the Royal Thai Government.

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