The Significance of Women’s Journey Thailand 2016


Here are 3 reasons why this innovative and poignant campaign is so significant:


For the entire month of August the Tourism Authority of Thailand is running its brand new Women’s Journey Thailand campaign, an exciting promotional event aimed at enticing female travelers to come and experience the beauty of Thailand. The campaign includes a variety of amazing activities, discounts and promotions aimed at ladies, not only to showcase the country’s great respect and reverence for women but also as a fitting way to celebrate the 84th birthday of HM Queen Sirikit.

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The campaign takes into account what women want and need

Thailand is a nation populated by millions of hard-working women so is excellently placed to provide an exceptional service for women from all nationalities and walks of life throughout this campaign.

Thailand is aiming to be a quality leisure destination

This campaign is just another impressive way in which the Land of Smiles is aiming to cement its place as one of the finest leisure destinations in the world, for all travelers.

A fitting royal tribute

Women’s Journey Thailand is a wonderful way of celebrating the role and good works of HM Queen Sirikit who is viewed as the Mother of all Thai people and is loved by the entire country. Stay tuned for more exciting Thai videos and updates right here on the iTravel Channel.

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