Walk on the Wild side at Songkhla Zoo


Top Things to do in Songkhla Zoo


A fantastic day out for the family is sure to be had at the wild and wonderful Songkhla Zoo. Creatures from every corner of the globe can be found in the rolling hills in Songkhla province. The Songkhla zoo provides a stunning home to a diversity of exotic bird and animal species in every shape, size and colour – even allowing the guests to come up close and personal to these delightful, and friendly, creatures.

Visitors are sure to roar with delight at the fantastic animal shows and displays on offer here, especially by the cheeky seals….and magnificent tigers. The fantastic aquatic creatures won’t be the only ones making a splash as the zoo also features a swimming park, complete with explosive slide and breathtaking views.

This zoo is an excellent destination for families to discover a plethora of captivating animals and to make their own fun the incredible water park. With such a thrilling combination, this zoo certainly has all the correct koala-ifications for the perfect day out!

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