Songkran Festival 2016: Thai New Year (Preview)


World’s Biggest Water fight Festival


This upcoming April Thai’s and visitors will be taking to the streets to partake in water fights. For some it may be the sprinkling or spraying of water while others will get out the latest water guns & Super Soakers for some Songkran fun!
Songkran Promo 2016

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  • Kirby Studios Video Production
  • Sea Sand and Sun Pattaya

Songkran’s Cultural History

The Songkran celebration has a history rich in symbolism. The day starts with merit-making as well as visiting temples to offer food to Buddhist monks. The monk’s then pour water on statues of Buddha as it represents purification along with wishing away of the bad.

Additionally, Thai’s use this holiday to show respect to their elders, often pouring water over their hands.

Songkran Water Festival

The water festival is the most popular of the events, at least among the younger crowd. Street are often closed to traffic and turned into a water fighting venue. Aside from everyone getting soaked, there’s everything from traditional parades to a Miss Songkran pageant, with participants wearing traditional Thai clothes.

Join the iTravel team as we give you an overview of the Songkran Holiday.

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