Taipei’s New Years Eve Fireworks Spectacular


30,000-round fireworks show


Today we will be bringing you the second part of our New Year’s special, taking a look at some of the best New Year’s Eve celebrations around the region. Asia is home to an incredible number of vibrant, international cities that vie with each other to attract tourists from around the world. This competition for visitors certainly hots up around New Year when cities throughout the region do their absolute best to outdo each other with the most dazzling and impressive celebrations.

Taipei is one such city and this year it really did pull out all the stops to pull off a night to be remembered, helping to further its reputation as one of the world’s best New Year’s destinations.The highlight of the celebrations is the spectacularly extravagant fireworks show at Taiwan’s tallest building- the 509-meter-high Taipei 101 tower, a tower that is instantly recognisable around the world and which dominates the entire Taipei skyline.

The building itself lights up floor by floor, starting at the bottom and working its way up until it reaches the very top at midnight, making it the biggest New Years countdown clock in the world. At the stroke of midnight, the entire building erupted into an explosion of colour as a 238 second, 30,000-round fireworks show featuring images of flowers, flying birds, trees and animals formally welcomed in the New Year. The fireworks display was the longest and arguably most impressive in the skyscrapers history and was certainly a fitting start to 2016.

Though most chose to crowd into central Taipei’s streets, squares and public parks to watch the fireworks, the more adventurous and physically fit trekked to the top of Elephant Mountain where they were rewarded with incredible views of the cities festivities below. Apart from this mega fireworks spectacle, Taipei also hosted a special Countdown Concert, featuring some of the best talent from around Asia, attracting huge crowds of people eager to be entertained before the official countdown got underway.

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