Take a Glimpse of the Firefly Garden, Prachinburi


Fun facts about fireflies


The facts that fireflies glow is to attract females and each species has a different pattern of flashing. It can be green, yellow, or sometimes orange.

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How to get to

For those who are interested in seeing this beautiful sight, this phenomena only occur during this rainy season, so we suggest you to go as soon as you can, The barrack is open for visitors around 18.00-20.00 since it’s the best period to see the fireflies clearly.

firefly garden 2

You need to keep in mind that fireflies like natural and silent ambient, so keep your voice down during you sightseeing sessions. contact the barracks first for safety, do not use any mosquito’s repellent because it might interrupt the fireflies. And always turn off the flashes when you take the pictures and avoid using any lights in any circumstances. Fainally, we suggest you bring your tri-pod for the best picture possible.

The site is in Phrachinburi, so driving or taking taxi is an ideal way of getting to the barrack. Call 037480441, 037570095 2nd Artillery corps barrack for more information.

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