TAT Marketing Plan for 2018 – New Direction For Thailand’s Tourism


TAT A New Direction in 2018


TAT starts off their plan with a new direction that offers tourists with a better way to experience local destinations. Thailand has always been a culturally focused destination for a long time and they want to maintain that direction by continuing to tell a very fascinating story of Thailands cultures and beliefs, while still offering the best hospitality and services to ensure a comfortable and memorable time in Thailand. By further enhancing the slogan “ Unique Thai Local Experience”, it will promote tourism in the local area and create value among Thai people to join the trip.

Gastronomy has played a huge part in Thailand’s success in Tourism and the want to push this even further by promoting food as the main story teller for Thai culture.

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Thailand is introducing a link which will link the European market together with 12 new hidden destinations in Thailand, so called hidden gems, with a twist and new ways of approach.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand noticed that the local tourism they had introduced last year are working quite well, they wanted to make it applicable by improving the overall experience of local tourism, without compromising any comfortability.

Tourists are normally interested in experiencing the Thai culture and beliefs while being able to relax and have a exquisite time in Thailand.

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