Guide to Traditions and Cultures of Thailand


Guide to Traditions and Cultures of Thailand, Video Tips


Thailand arguably has one of the richest cultures in the world. It is undeniably deep-rooted in tradition so there are certain customs to observe when travellers make their way through the unique Kingdom. In a country where culture is as rich as the king himself, there are customs that a traveler should observe and practice with the locals. With many of its influences from countries like India, China and Cambodia, and religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism, this melting pot offers a unique blend of stunning culture for us to enjoy.

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As common as a handshake, Thai people greet each other with a two hand bowing gesture called the Wai. This salutation is not only used to say hello, but it can also be used to thank or apologize to someone.

Temple Manners

Your travels to Thailand would not be complete without visiting a few temples along the way. Even though temples have their own practices, most require that guests dress conservatively by covering the shoulders and knees and removing shoes before entering sacred places.

Thai Language

The Thai language is one of the “heart” rather than that of logic. The Thai’s appreciate a person who doesn’t express strong emotions, is patient and calm. Conversely, they love to smile, laugh and show their beautiful hearts or “nam-jai”.  Another simple and effective way to do it all in the Thai way is to stay cool, calm and collected. No matter what the situation, keep your voice to a low and almost- melodic tone. The easier your voice is to listen to, the more you will be understood. This shows signs of maturity, tolerance and mutual respect. The list goes on. But knowing these will give you a good head start in the land of smiles. A useful rule to remember is to show respect not just to the King, and not just to your elders, but to everyone. This will go a long way.

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