Guidelines and Tips about Thai Cinema 


Guidelines and Tips about Thai Cinema


“Entertainment fit for a prince” as they say. Cinema is so big here in Thailand that yes, even Crown Prince was a movie director himself. But royalty aside, the Thais love to go to the movies, whether it is to watch a film or to have a dessert. Most cinemas live in giant shopping complexes where there is much more to do than to see a movie. So without further adieu, lets go behind the scenes.
Most of the films available are international blockbusters, but you do get your occasional, Thai, Laos and independent films. Be sure to check whether there are subtitles if you’re in the foreign film kind of mood.

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iMax Theatres and 3D Cinemas

We’ve all heard of iMax theatres and 3D movies, but where Thailand stands out is the impressive 4DX. On top of your 3D experience, you will feel the extra dimension through your moving chair and real air and water triggers that occur in time with the scenes of the movie. So make a night of it.

Major Cinemas

Major cinemas come with karaoke, bowling and ice-skating at the best of times. And it gets really cold so take a sneaky jacket or blanket with you. Doing the tourist thing might get repetitive sometimes so visiting a local cinema will be something different to experience that you might not normally think of.

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