Step into Phuket’s Fascinating Past at Thai Hua Museum!


Top Things to See and Do at Thai Hua Museum in Phuket, Thailand


Thai Hua Museum is a delightful historic attraction located on Krabi Road, in Phuket Old Town, not far from Baan Chinpracha Mansion and Soi Romanee. A renovated Sino-Portuguese building, the museum itself is historic, and its exhibits tell a fascinating story of Phuket’s heritage and of the Chinese immigrants who made the island their home and became a crucial part of its society.
Thai Hua Museum in Phuket , Thailand
There are more than 12 exhibition rooms in all, spanning both floors of this stately building, and the museum also boasts a pretty inner courtyard open to the sky; one of the most charming features of this form of architecture. You will also find a lush garden, where you can examine machinery and tools used in Phuket’s tin mining past.

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Exhibition at Thai Hua Museum

The museum’s exhibits, which tell the story of Phuket’s traditions, its evolution, and its Chinese population, include some short films in both Thai and Chinese, with English subtitles for the benefit of foreign tourists. They enable you to learn about the island’s heritage from new perspectives, giving fresh insight into Phuket’s links with China and how Chinese immigrants influenced local food, architecture and customs. The museum itself previously functioned as a Chinese-language school – the first of its kind on the island – and Thai Hua is run by a charitable foundation set up by well-to-do Chinese immigrants who are dedicated to the noble cause of improving the lifestyle of fellow immigrants and islanders.

Opening Hours and Admission Fee

Entry to the museum is just 200 THB per person; make sure you pay a visit, to learn more about the island’s past and uncover some intriguing facts about the rich cultural traditions which have become part of the fabric of Phuket, traditions which help make it such a special destination for tourists from around the world.

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