Ep2: Pia Wurtzbach Discovers Unique Thai Local Experiences


Off to Smell the Flowers


Once Pia finished cooking she made her way to the awaiting Tuk Tuk which took her to the flower market. Tuk Tuk’s are one of the most iconic vehicles in Bangkok and Pia was excited to be traveling in a Tuk Tuk, even asking the driver if she could sit in the driving seat before departing and saying “… my own personal Miss Universe Tuk Tuk”. Her journey allowed her to pass by the extraordinary Grand Palace and weave in and out of Bangkok traffic.

While zipping around, Pia kept her online Fans up to date and sang and danced to the music beating from the Tuk Tuk until she finally arrived at the flower market some 30 minutes later. She departed her much loved Tuk Tuk and quickly explored the area, smelling the fragrant flowers along the way.

Pia hugged with the locals and took selfies with adoring fans in the market before making her way across the road and into a beautiful flower cafe which took her breath away. Upstairs she enjoyed the unique and traditional makings of a flower offering that would be then taken to a temple as good merit. The flower garland is a very common gift that indicates respect, love, and sincerity. They can be given to your parents, and teacher to pay them respect.

Wat Pho Thailand

On the table, Pia looked at the intricate details of a pre made Krathong. A Krathong or a floating basket, as the name suggests is a basket made out of banana trunks, leaves, and combinations of flowers. With this, the Thai people float the Krathong in the river on “Loy Krathong” festival to pay respect to the goddess of the river “Mae Khong”.

Before departing, Pia looked at some interesting and funky antiques, even trying a necklace completely made from hundreds of rings.

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