Thailand Golf Travel Mart (TGTM) 2017


TGTM 2017 Buyers and Sellers


Khao Yai is a great location as there are many areas for golf courses and it is less well known. The Executive Director of the Americas Region, Ms. Jittima Sukpalin went on to say that from this event she hopes that more people will know more about the quality of golf courses as golf is a magnet to sports tourism. Gastronomy is also connected to golf because once people finish playing golf they want to relax and eat great food.

Over 150 buyers from 32 countries attended the event with most of these being from Asia and the ASEAN region. These regions made up the largest golf markets due to the proximity to Thailand and the excellent reputation it has for offering world-class golfing. Europe and the USA also made up the number of remaining buyers to the event. Local sellers representing Thai golf courses, tour operators, hotels and travel agents also attended TGTM to sell their services.

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What Went on at TGTM 2017

Sellers had great opportunities to meet with a wide variety of buyers at hosted pre-scheduled appointment matching programmes and speed-dating. There was also a media briefing to update golf journalists with the latest news of Thailand’s golf courses and services, as well as associated tourist attractions. It also pointed out other activities can be combined with a golfing holiday; such as, Golf and gourmet due to Thailand’s reputation for its gastronomy.

On the 26th around 50 participants attended the focus group between TAT and golf courses in Khao Yai and its vicinity to highlight joint promotions for the golf segment. The session was joined by TAT executives, TAT overseas office directors, and marketing representatives who provided advice on marketing strategies on how to strengthen the golf courses’ competitiveness to promote the country as the world’s golfing hub.

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