Thailand – Love/Hate Relationship


Thailand – The Good, the Bad…and the Unceasingly Amazing


Thailand is a country which people generally seem to have a love/hate relationship with (the majority, of course, falling in the ‘love’ camp). The obvious reasons for adoring the Land of Smiles are its spectacular countryside, powdery white beaches, jungle-clad islands and the bright, welcoming smiles of the Thai people themselves. However when tourists, particularly from Western countries, visit this beautiful South East Asian hotspot they can often find themselves suffering from ‘culture shock’ due to the vastly different outlook of Thai people and, unfortunately – just as in any country you might visit around the world – people do encounter thievery, dishonesty and other more serious issues.

The simple fact of the matter is that Thailand is not perfect – nowhere is – but there are many more things to love about the country than to hate, and writing Thailand off after a bad experience means you miss out on the opportunity to experience the bounties of the country and its rich culture. Taking some time to acquaint yourselves with the Thai people and their unique outlook on life, and you will discover many amazing things about the inhabitants of the Land of Smiles. 
Thailand – The Good, the Bad…and the Unceasingly Amazing
There is no denying that many people who have spent even a brief amount of time in Thailand will have encountered the same kindness, warmth and generosity of spirit portrayed in the video. If you treat Thai people with grace and respect, you will experience a fantastic return. From sharing meals with your new Thai friends on the beach, to sitting up late into the night with a guitar singing popular Thai folk and rock songs, to learning more about the day-to-day life of this amazing people, there are so many benefits to embracing the culture, viewpoint and customs of the Land of Smiles.

Visit Thailand with an open mind and heart, and a discerning eye, and you are sure to go home loving, rather than hating, this one-of-a-kind country, where even serious problems are met with a philosophical “never mind” and daily happiness, contentment and fun are prized as much as wealth and material success.

Disclaimer: The video presented in this blog is not the property of Kirby Studios and come from Mila Pattama YouTube Channel.

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