Thailand’s Best Beers


Thailand’s Top 3 Thai Beers


Beer! Popular among many countries it is the drink that is behind many good stories and funny memories between friends and family. In Thailand, they also love their beer and due to the warmer, sometimes humid climate found throughout Thailand, most people find it easy to sink down a few cold beers while enjoying the company of the people around them.

There are many types of local and international beers that can be found throughout Thailand but it would best to try the local beers as they are cheaper and have good flavour. Plus, isn’t it better to try local produce when visiting a foreign country?

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Which Beer Is For You

The iTravel Channel has done the thirsty work to find out which are the best local beers to try in Thailand. Which beers will make the top 3?

Singha Beer

Singha Beer

Boon Rawd Brewery was founded in 1933 and also produces soft drinks and bottled drinking water. The most well-known product from this company is Singha beer. Pronounced ‘Sing’, the name comes from the mythological lion, Singha, that is found in ancient Indian, Hindu and Thai stories. This lion is displayed on the front of the bottle or can.

The beer is a well-known premium quality beer. It’s a full-bodied beer rich and light in taste, with strong hop characters and 5% alcohol content. You can find Singha in a range of bottles sizes from 630ml, 500ml or 330ml and in a can of 330ml. Singha also produces a light beer that is smooth, crisp and has lower calories and lower alcohol content, only 4%, compared to the original Singha beer.

Chang Beer

Chang Beer

In Thai, Chang means elephant and therefore on the label of Chang beer you find two elephants looking towards one another. Chang beer was launched in 1995 by South East Asia’s largest beverage companies ThaiBev and since then it has taken Thai drinking culture to the next level.

A great choice of beer to enjoy responsibly, Chang beer has a pleasant full flavour with a subtle fruit and hop aroma. You can drink Chang beer from a 620ml or 320ml bottle or in a 500ml or 330ml cans. Chang beer is 6.4% alcohol content however in some other countries it may be lowered to 5%, so remember to take it slowly if your knocking back a few of these at the local pub otherwise the next thing you will see is the floor.

Leo Beer

Leo Beer

Leo beer is brewed by the same company as Singha beer, Boon Rawd Brewery. It is a full-flavored standard larger beer with a smooth, pleasant finish and 5% alcohol content. It generally is a little cheaper then Chang and Singha beers and is easily recognisable from its leopard image on the label. Leo can come in the 630ml or 330ml bottles and in a can of 330ml. A beer to try when in Thailand.

Enjoy Those Beers Responsibly

The price of beer can vary depending on the size, quality and location you are purchasing it from. When out in Thailand drinking a few beers it is important to look after yourself and your friends to make sure that not only is everyone having an enjoyable time but more importantly that everyone is behaving. Here are a few iTravel tips to consider so that you will have an enjoyable time.

  • Drink bottled water between drinks –
  • Keeping hydrated is important. Beer will dehydrate you and with the Thailand weather if you don’t keep drinking water you will have a massive headache the next day.

  • Look out for your friends –
  • Look out for your friends and make sure they are also drinking responsibly.

  • Don’t be peer pressured into drinking –
  • If you have had enough to drink then stop. Don’t feel to need to keep drinking just because someone is forcing you to.

  • Watch out for the ice –
  • It is common when drinking beer in Thailand to also have ice cubes to keep the beer refreshing and cold but just be aware that the water the ice cubes come from might not be clean water.

    Be Mindfull

    Be mindful that between 2pm and 5pm seven days a week it is illegal for places like supermarkets and chain shops, such as 7 Eleven or Tops to sell alcohol and then once again between midnight and 11am. However, it’s common knowledge that the law is not always enforced at smaller, family-run shops.

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