The Largest Show in the World, Siam Niramit is Right Here in Thailand

Siam Niramit

It’s Show Time


Watch in amazement as the stage comes alive with people, colour, lighting and props as the show is split into 3 main acts.

Act 1 – Journey Back Through Time

The first act will take you on a journey back into the past to discover The North, The South Seas, The Northeast (Issan) and the Central Plains.

Act 2 – Journey Into The 3 Worlds

Watch on and learn more about Thai religious beliefs and the principle of karma. Thai believe by doing good you receive merit into your next life. If you do bad in this life then it will result in suffering in the next.

Enjoy the show as the stage changes from a fiery hell scene into magical Himapaan, an existence between earth and into the final resting place, heaven.

Act 3 – Journey Into Joyous Festivals

In the final act watch on as you see religious ceremonies played out on stage. These ceremonies take place throughout Thailand each year and you may have encountered these for yourself like Songkran (water festival), Loy Krathong (lantern festival), ordination ceremonies and more.

The ceremonies that you see during the show are important in Thai Buddhism as for Thai people to reach heaven, one must gather merit (doing good) while on earth. A variety of merit making festivals like what’s shown will help them gather merit.

Show Time –Theatre doors open at 7.30pm. Show starts at 8pm and goes for 1 hour and 20 minutes (the best 1 hour 20 minutes ever).

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