Top Things to See and Do in Chumphon, Thailand


Destination: Chumphon, Thailand


Chumphon Thailand
The province of Chumphon is the gateway to the picturesque south of Thailand, and offers plenty of opportunities to experience authentic Thainess, whether you are cruising the waterways of the town, mingling with the locals or going on a fun-filled fishing trip.

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Beach Options

Arguably the biggest lure of Chumphon is its spectacular unspoiled landscape, as the province is bordered by the Phuket mountain range, the Tenasserim Hills, and the Gulf of Thailand. Several small and pristine islands form the Chumphon archipelago, and sun worshippers will be happy to note that the province boasts its fair share of white sand beaches, such as Hat Sai Ri and Hat Tawan Chai. Other fascinating natural attractions include the cave temple of Wat Thep Charoen and Tham Khao Plu Hot Springs.

During your visit to Chumphon, take advantage of its location and enjoy snorkeling and boating trips along the coastline, perhaps stopping off at a local village to meet the friendly residents, whose way of life has stood the test of time. Then there is the delectable local cuisine to try, with an emphasis on mouthwatering fresh seafood dishes.

Mu Ko Chumphon National Park

To reconnect with nature, head to Mu Ko Chumphon National Park, where you can learn more about native fauna and flora and how Chumphon’s residents have made the most of their rich natural resources.

Plan your Vacation, Holiday or Getaway

While Chumphon may have been overlooked in the past, it’s time to make this fascinating province part of your itinerary and discover the many amazing attractions that await you!

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