Unveiling the Thai Delights of Phetchabun


Day 1: Bon Mee Restaurant in Phetchabun


After enjoying a memorable trip to Loei, the next – and final – stop on iTravel’s Discover Thainess tour of the North was picturesque Phetchabun. It took an hour and a half to drive there from Loei and our first stop upon arrival was Bon Mee Restaurant, where our new host Daniel Marsh got a chance to meet the restaurant owner and learn how to make his own delicious noodles. If you want to savour this delectable local cuisine, it costs just 90 THB and you will receive noodles, vegetables and 3 different bowls of flavourful curry. Refills of both the curries and the vegetables are complimentary.

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Tee Meed Baan Mai Village

After our mouth-watering lunch we headed on to Tee Meed Baan Mai Village (which translates as ‘forge knife village’), named for the village’s age-old knife-making industry. Here in this atmospheric village of 30 houses, hosts Daniel and Angie had a hands on experience, learning how to forge knives themselves. If you want to visit and learn more about the skilled knife-makers who call this village home, contact TAT Phitsanulok to arrange a trip.

Wat Pha Sorn Kaew in Phetchabun

After an afternoon of knife-forging, the iTravel gang continued on to Wat Pha Sorn Kaew to catch the sunset. The ornate beauty of the temple and its surroundings was surreal and dream-like; it was truly the perfect way to end our first day in Phetchabun. After the sun had set we reluctantly departed from the temple and went to check in at our resort, Rai Song Rao in Khao Ko. The resort’s location was stunning, overlooked by lush jungle-clad mountains, and the weather was pleasantly cool and serene as we had our dinner and prepared for sleep.

Day 2: Khao Ko Viewpoint

We began our second day in Phetchabun at the crack of dawn, rising at 5am to head up to the Khao Ko viewpoint in order to experience the spectacular sunrise. Though it was cold and windy at the viewpoint, the stunning views were more than worth getting a little chilled. After enjoying the sunrise we walked around the area, visiting a few of the little shops which sell warm clothes and souvenirs, then we stopped off for breakfast at a charming local restaurant nestled among the pine trees.
Unveiling the Uniquely Thai Delights of the Picturesque Northern Province of Petchabun

Strawberry Farm in Phetchabun

Breakfast over, we made our way to the area’s biggest strawberry farm where Daniel and Angie had fun picking their own strawberries and filling their buckets to the brim. If you would like to enjoy this experience it costs just 10 THB admission and then 350 THB per kilo of strawberries. During our visit Daniel got to experience a fascinating taste of Thainess, helping one of the vendors to sell strawberries.

King’s Royal Place in Phetchabun

Our next stop was the King’s Royal Palace and we also explored the surrounding area as it is a region for which Phetchabun is famous; known as the Thai Alps or ‘Little Switzerland’ it truly resembles the forested mountains of Europe. After a morning’s sightseeing we stopped off for lunch at a charming restaurant offering stunning views of Khao Ko. Eating Thai food is the most delectable way to experience Thainess; every meal is a flavour sensation, and Daniel Marsh was wowed by the rich colours, tastes and textures of Thai cuisine. After a few days of travelling the country his taste buds were beginning to adjust to spicy foods such as Northern Thai staple som tam.

Weapon’s Museum in Khao Ko, Phetchabun

Lunch over, we toured a few more of Phetchabun’s fascinating attractions, including the Weapon Museum, Khao Ko Sacrificial Monument and Phukaew Adventure Park, where Angie and Daniel had a blast on the obstacle courses. This fun-filled attraction offers a range of exhilarating activities including a Rope Challenge, Canoeing, a Mountain Luge and Canyon Rafting, archery and even ‘baby racing’ cars for little ones.

Flora in the Mist in Khao Ko

Last but not least we headed to Flora in the Mist, a stunning natural landscaping project founded by TAT Phitsanulok, and situated opposite B.N. Farm in Khao Ko. Finally, happy but tired and hungry, we ended our second day in Petchabun with a mouth-watering feast at Kun Toi Restaurant.

Day 3: Rai Song Rao Resort in Phetchabun

On the morning of our third day we checked out of our incredible resort, Rai Song Rao, and prepared to bid farewell to Phetchabun. But before we left we managed to squeeze in one more visit, heading to a tamarind shop where we got to taste this rather tart date-like fruit – for which Phetchabun is famous – we even learned how to pack it. Prices at the shop varied from 80-100 THB.

After savouring the shop’s tasty tamarind products we sadly bid farewell to Phetchabun and made our way to Phitsanulok to catch our flight back to Bangkok, after a truly unforgettable tour through some of Northern Thailand’s hidden gems.

It is safe to say that iTravel thoroughly enjoyed our experiences in Phetchabun and we would like to extend our deepest gratitude to TAT Phitsanulok for making our trip to this beautiful province such an amazing success. Our new host Daniel Marsh experienced the wonders of Thainess during his time in Phetchabun, thanks to the ever-smiling, helpful and friendly locals he met, including shop vendors, waiters and resort staff, who always do their best to make visitors feel as welcome as possible.

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Plan your Phetchabun Vacation, Holiday or Getaway

Phetchabun is a province teeming with tourist potential, yet remains by in large under the radar of most travelers. But for those willing to take the time to explore, the province is a treasure trove of rich cultural heritage, ancient history and stunning misty mountains, ready to welcome you with open arms and that famous Thai smile.

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