The Big Reveal: Bikram’s Brand New Yoga Teacher Training School


Part 2: Bikram Choudhury Exclusive Interview


In this second part of our iTravel Exclusives interview with the founder of the Bikram yoga phenomenon, Bikram Choudhury himself unveils for us his brand new purpose-built yoga studio. This impressive space – formerly a ballroom – was converted by the Sentido Graceland Khao Lak Resort & Spa especially for Bikram, and can comfortably accommodate 500 students at a time. Though there are other facilities in a new building next door, such as lecture rooms and a posture clinic, this expansive studio will serve as a revolutionary teacher training school for students eager to pass on the benefits of Bikram yoga.
Bikram Yoga Studio in Khao Lak
During our interview we get to ascend the teacher’s platform to get the sweeping view of the classroom which Bikram will see when he is instructing his students. During teaching sessions, when the room is heated at a minimum of 45 degrees and there are 500 people performing the Bikram yoga postures, it will surely be a breath-taking sight.
Bikram Yoga Studio in Khao Lak
At the end of our interview, Bikram explains the benefits to his students of learning to teach Bikram yoga and reveals to us why he has chosen this highly spiritual – and healing – form of work. Don’t miss this, another fascinating iTravel Exclusives, and be sure to join us on our next adventure in the Land of Smiles!

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