The Crème de la Crème of Bangkok’s Rooftops


THere are four very different venues that will cater to whatever mood you find yourself


Taking the guesswork out of picking among the clusters of Bangkok rooftops. There’s no dining like rooftop dining. And if there is one thing Bangkok does well, it’s… rooftop dining. But you can only do so much rooftop- so I’m here to make it easy for you.

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I have to start with Nest my pick for a chic rooftop night out that also feels like you’re on the beach. Be sure to take out one of the sun beds, sink your toes into the sand and order up a feast of canapés such as kewpie fries, lemon prawns and salmon rolls. Then just lay back as the rest of Bangkok hustles by below.


Then there’s Maya, my exotic, cultural experience of ancient India in the sky. Almost literally. It’s gorgeous cantilever leaves you mid air, mid Bangkok. As soon as you walk in, you are immediately transported across to a different space and time. The open kitchen is lined with three huge tandoors giving you a waft of what’s to come. The venue is divided into a dining, bar and cigar area which gives you options and variety. The menu ranges from Indian bar snacks such as crispy okra with cashew and mango powder to mains to blow you out of the water like the tandoor-grilled marinated lobster with kaffir lime and yellow chilli.

Phra Nakorn Bar & Gallery

This next one is a special one as it’s not something you can easily find. A local gem, Phra Nakorn Bar & Gallery is located on Rajdamnern Klang in Phra Nakorn which is just off the Democracy Monument. Situated in an old part of Bangkok, you will have to walk up rickety stairs to get to the top. Once you’re there, you’re greeted with dimly lit fairy lights and ambient pop music. On the menu, you’ll find a mix of local favourites as well as your more creative Thai dishes- and while it’s not a five star culinary fare, it’s still cheap and tasty. The mere experience of eating in this hipster rooftop among amateur art pieces makes this one of my most highly rated places to go in Bangkok.


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And finally, I can’t leave you without an honorary mention of Sirocco which sits atop the LaBua State Tower. Coined the world’s highest open-air restaurant on the 63rd floor was put into the international hall of fame not just by Hangover 2 the movie, but also its dozens of awards from the likes of Conde Nast and The New York Times. The globally inspired cuisine is the epitome of luxury with its selection of Oysters and Caviar, Brittany lobster, French Dombes duck and Wagyu beef rib eye marbling 9+ (the highest score you can give to Wagyu). Which one do you feel like tonight

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