The Delights of a Day in Chiang Khan


Top Things To Do in Chiang Khan Loei, Thailand


Chiang Khan, 580 kilometres north of Bangkok, is a place you can’t help but fall in love with. And here is why. This is 5:30am on the streets of this sleepy and adorable town and we joined with locals to give morning alms to monks. It was like the scene from a movie, and no it wasn’t lack of sleep that made us see things – it is more beautiful in person.

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Morning Alms in Chiang Khan

Morning alms is where you offer food to the monks so they can eat for that day and is a sign of respect and connects the giver to the monks or nun that they are giving to. This silent exchange is beautiful to watch especially as the fog rises in the streets and the place wakes around you. And of course this wouldn’t be Thailand without the injection of delicious food right? This morning we enjoyed freshly steamed Chinese style buns that are like eating a hug!

Market Tour in Chiang Khan

Next stop? The fresh market! This chilly morning was brightened up by the towers of fresh vegetables, spices, steaming soups and more being perused by relaxed locals.  And for you foodies, this is definitely the best place to find out about unique produce and the tastes of Thailand. In terms of accommodation, we stayed at a quaint boutique hotel right on the river which matched the laid back appeal of the town. I mean, how cute is this place!

Temple Tour in Chiang Khan

Next we headed to Wat Sri Khun Mueang which is a colorful local temple that you can visit and watch the monks in their daily worship. Just remember when you visit a temple; always cover your knees and your shoulders. Then we were taught how to create Pha Sat which are Kratongs floated on water for Loy Kratong festival  – and they were made from completely natural materials so as to protect the sacred water-ways. And then the lovely local ladies took us to release the kratongs, again to give us all blessings. We were then officially greeted by residents with a wrist-binding ceremony.
chiang khan
This is a Buddhist tradition where the tying of the string on the wrist is a blessing of good luck and protection for the wearer.  As the sun came down, the night was brought in by a traditional dance performance by Chiang Khan women accompanied by drums. Again this was to welcome us and give us luck in our lives. But I think who is really lucky is us getting the opportunity to see this scenic destination and sharing it with the friendly locals.

Plan your Loei Vacation, Holiday or Getaway

With its unique climate, cultures and traditions, stunning natural attractions and colouful festivals, Loei is a province just waiting to be explored and is an up and coming ecotourism destination not to be missed, so come along and explore the wisdom of the mountains for yourself.

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