Guide to Basic Thai Language 


Thai Language 101


Knowing how to say hello and thank you in Thai is the basics of traveling in Thailand. Go that one step further with iTravel iTips as we teach you not just essentials, but how to get by doing your thing as a traveller. This iTips, we show you just how to sound impressive to your Thai friends as you roll those Thai words off your tongue.

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Consonants and Vowels of Thai Language

With forty-four consonants, twenty vowel sounds, and five tones, Thai can seem a complicated language for foreigners. But word has it; this is a language that is picked up very quickly by many. It’s always great to learn a few words before visiting any foreign country. Wherever you go, showing your Thai language skills is always very impressive to the Thai.

Basic Thailand Language

Here are some useful phrases to know while on your travels in Thailand. No matter what you say, finish with the articles khrap or kha- that’s khrap for men and kha for women. Although there is no particular meaning, it is a sign of respect and a simple way to make polite with the Thai folk. For example, “hello” and “goodbye” are sawasdee khrap for men and sawasdee kha for women. Whether your at an expert level of Thai or not, use this at the end each phrase or sentence to show you know your stuff!

Besides hello, the other basic in language is how to say thank you. Khorb khun means “thank you.”
Pairing this with a little bow and your hand clasped in front of your chest as if in prayer will be the cherry on top. To say “you’re welcome” is “Mai Bpen Rai Kha/Khrap”. This is a useful one to know because it also means “It doesn’t matter” or “it was nothing”. To excuse yourself or to apologize, say “Khor Tod Kha/Khrap”. Shopping is an essential element of traveling in Thailand.

Khor is a useful word for requesting, for instance “Khor Pepsi Kha/Khrap”, means “Can I have a Pepsi please”. To ask how much something costs “Thao Rai Kha/Khrap?”. And most importantly, to ask for a discount or to ask if the price can be lowered, say “Rot dai mai?”. To display prices, shopkeepers often use a calculator.

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