Ganymede Resort, Pattaya


The rapid growth of the Ganymede Resort in Pattaya, Thailand


Daniel brought his buddies along this weekend for an awesome trip to Pattaya to stay here at Ganymede Resort where they are welcomed by the resort’s GM, Mr Ward. This resort really holds true to hospitality tradition – they were invited to join Mr Ward for a lovely breakfast to get the inside scoop on all the information about the resort’s history. This place first started as a bar with only 8 rooms on top and that was just 4 years ago.

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Facilities and Amenities at Ganymede Resort, Pattaya

Now the resort has expanded hugely into 80 rooms with full amenities including a jacuzzi, outdoor swimming pool, gym and even a karaoke bar. Personally, Daniel’s in awe of Mr Ward – he is such an interesting guy with a really innovative marketing logic. Once again, another great weekend away with the iTravel crew.

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