The Thai Restaurant the World Can’t Stop Talking About


The Thai Restaurant the World can’t stop talking about


Asia’s number one restaurant is nestled right in the heart of Bangkok. Tourists and travellers alike are visiting Bangkok for its fascinating melting pot and metropolitan charm. Amidst the beautiful mess stands Nahm , critically acclaimed by experts around the world and drawing crowds of all sorts to the nation’s capital.

The Nahm kitchen is run by Australian chef David Thompson who gave Thailand its first Michelin Star Restaurant. It is now recognised as Asia’s number one best restaurant this year by 50 Best Restaurants and part of the world’s top 50 restaurants by the prestigious Restaurant Magazine.

So it goes without saying, this is one for the bucket list. The gorgeously decorated interior gives away the style and class that comes with the upmarket offering. The refined menu with a good portion of seafood choices includes the much raved about blue swimmer crab, peanuts and pickled garlic on rice cakes, guinea fowl curry with shampoo ginger and grilled pork cheek with smoky tomato sauce. To top it all off with something sweet, there’s the Thai wafers with poached persimmon and golden duck egg noodle or a coconut ash pudding with poached bananas.

Nahm’s dishes embody big bold flavours combined with conscientious attention to detail – inspired and influenced by ancient recipes, traditional cooking methods and local culture. With so much to offer, with such creativity and prepared with such finesse, it’s no wander Nahm has become the destination restaurant that it has, so incredibly representing fine Thai cuisine. If you were picking between the fine dining selections in Bangkok, make this your choice.

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