Tim Yap’s Exclusive Interview with Maria Poonlertlarp, Miss Universe Thailand 2017


Maria Feels the Support from the Fans


Tim Yap tells Maria that Pia told him personally that Maria has a very strong chance of winning the crown this year.

Maria is really flattered and at the same time nervous because of the attention and expectations from people around her. But she feels really encouraged and grateful for all the support from all her fans.

Maria said that she was starstruck when she saw Pia for the first time when she was at the Women’s Journey Reception Party and that is only the second time she has been starstruck in her life.

Maria asked Pia some questions about what to do in the contest and Pia’s answers really put her mind at ease.

Lastly she stated that she was 100 and 10 percent ready for the Miss Universe contest and she will make her country proud. She appreciates all the support and inspiration from all her fans both Thai and abroad.

Watch the full interview of Miss Universe Thailand 2017

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