Top Five Thai Dishes You Should Try When Visiting Thailand


Here are my five quintessential Thai dishes that you can’t leave Thailand without trying


More than just national dishes, get these five items on your eating agenda and understand what puts the smile on the dials of  people in the Land of Smiles. We all think we know Thai cuisine because it can be found in all corners of the earth- each corner offering you a different take. But what do you need to have in Thailand that is not the same anywhere else in the world? Here are my five quintessential Thai dishes that you can’t leave Thailand without trying.

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Tom Yum Goong

This aromatic soup with vegetables, prawns and a herbal concoction of lemongrass and kafir lime leaves is a national treasure. The full-bodied spicy, sour and overall kidnap of the tastebuds cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world.


For that true cultural experience, there’s the Northern Thailand staple, Laap – mince meat tossed with herbs eaten with sticky rice or lettuce. The taste of lime, mint, coriander and red onion provide a forest fresh taste to the palette.

Yam Khor Moo Yang

A meat salad like you’ve never had it before. Grilled pork cutlet bit size pieces are doused with lime juice, parsley, onion and chilli.  Despite the sheer simplicity of this Thai dish, it still has the ability to bring that real eye-opening zest to the table.

Kuay Teow (or boat noodles)

Another must that can be found on the street among locals. Rice noodles are covered in a dark, rich, herbal broth that has been cooking long before you got there. It wouldn’t be a Thai dish unless it was garnished beyond recognition with coriander, vinegar, chilli and fish sauce for the extra pop of flavour.

Pak Boong Krob

Morning glory with a mouth watering twist, deep fried in crispy light batter and served with a delectable Thai dipping sauce of chilli, lime, garlic and fish sauce. This is the perfect roadside munch on a balmy night with a fresh cold beer and good company.

There you have it, my quintessential list of five Thai dishes that tell a national story of culture, pride and tradition. Your travels in Thailand wouldn’t be complete without getting your hands on these!

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