Loei, Thailand the Top Things To Do


Top Things To Do in Loei, Thailand


Bordered by the mighty Mekhong River and mist-shrouded mountains, Loei has long been popular with Thai tourists, but still receives comparatively few international travelers. However, with all that the province has to offer, the secret may soon be out.

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Chiang Khan Walking Street in Loei

When visiting Loei, many people choose to head straight to Chiang Khan, famed for its laid-back charm and kitsch walking street. It is also a good base from which to explore nearby natural attractions, including un-spoilt national parks with their cool climates, lush pine forests and unique flora and fauna.

Phu Thok Viewpoint in Chiang Khan, Loei

For those of you who don’t mind an early start, a visit to Phu Thok, which means isolated mountain, is a must-do whilst in Loei. Famed for its spectacular sunrises and ‘sea of fog’ views, this natural phenomenon is best viewed during winter months though good views are to be had all year-round. The area is also home to Wat Phu Thok; known locally as ‘stairways to heaven’, a popular spot for meditation in addition to offering striking views over the surrounding countryside.
Loei, Thailand the Top Things To Do

Phi Ta Khon “Ghost” Festival in Dansai, Loei

For three days of the year the sleepy town of Dan Sai plays host to one of the most colourful and some would say spookiest festivals of its kind; Phi Ta Khon, or the ‘Ghost’ festival. Accompanied by raucous music and dancing, young men dressed as ghosts wearing huge colorful masks parade through the streets to worship spirits and ask for plentiful rain for the year ahead. The annual event takes place between March and July, the exact dates being determined by the town’s spiritual mediums.

Dan Sai Folk Museum

If you can’t make the festival but are still interested in learning more, pay a visit to the Dansai Folk Museum, which provides information on the origins and significance of the Phi Ta Khon festival. At weekends you can also see demonstrations of how the festival masks are made.

Plan your Loei Vacation, Holiday or Getaway

With its unique climate, cultures and traditions, stunning natural attractions and colouful festivals, Loei is a province just waiting to be explored and is an up and coming ecotourism destination not to be missed, so come along and explore the wisdom of the mountains for yourself.

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