Nan, Thailand the Top Things To Do


Top Things To Do in Nan, Thailand


Located in the remote Nan river valley, surrounded by forested mountains and bordering Laos to the east, Nan remains off the tourist trail for most, but those that do make it here get to experience a province and people steeped in history, with a rich and unique culture and some of the regions most spectacular and un-spoilt natural scenery.

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Wat Phumin in Nan

Nan’s unique cultural legacy is clearly visible in the city’s art and architecture, particularly in the abundance of exquisite temples dotted around the city. Perhaps the most famous of all Nan’s temples is Wat Phumin, which is celebrated for its beautiful Lanna-style murals, considered to be some of the finest examples in the country.

Wat Phra That Kao Noi in Nan

Another temple not to be missed is Wat Phra That Kao Noi, offering panoramic views of the city and surrounds. For the perfect photo op, we would recommend coming in the evening so you can enjoy beautiful sunsets that bathe the valley below in a beautiful golden glow.

River Rafting in Nan River

Nan is also famed for its centuries old tradition of longboat racing, with races typically taking place in September or October when water levels are at their peak. Fun on the river can however be had all year-round with rafting and kayaking trips, ranging from short samplers to two or three day all-inclusive trips readily available. So grab a paddle and head on down the Nan River for a fun-packed experience that you won’t soon forget.

Pa Klang Hill Tribe Village in Nan

Just over 10 percent of Nan’s population is hill-tribes, and special excursions to traditional villages can be easily arranged and are in our opinion, certainly worthwhile. Pa Klang Hill Tribe Vilage, about 69km from Nan city is a popular choice and is home to Meo, Yao and Thin hill-tribes. As well as getting to meet the villagers and gaining a unique insight into their daily lives, you can also buy local hand-made crafts, which make for perfect gifts and souvenirs.

Plan your Nan Vacation, Holiday or Getaway

Nan’s historic isolation, convergence of different cultures and beautiful natural setting makes it a truly unique and inspiring destination, so why not come and indulge yourself in one of Thailand’s most romantic and undiscovered provinces?

Use our wealth of knowledge and experience through our video travel guides to plan your next vacation or holiday. Be sure to watch all of our videos on Nan, Thailand, for a complete overview of this fabulous province.

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