Tourism Association of Samui Check Dam Project


Tourism Association of Samui, Thailand Innovative Project


With a focus on green initiatives Koh Samui has started an innovative way to conserve the island’s ecology, preserve water and cater to tourists wanting to give back. The Tourism Association of Samui has begun the construction of over 8000 Check Dams all over the island in Thailand’s Surat Thani province.

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Check Dam Project

A Check dam is a small structure across a stream made from rocks and concrete with piping built in the middle to allow filtered water to pass. These simple structures can mean so much for the areas water reserves. The reason this initiative is so suited to this island is the geography of Samui is mountainous in the middle surrounded by flat land. Samui has 13 main streams that flow from the mountains to the sea but because of the typography, in storms water flow is very heavy and this is damaging the environment and results in flooding in main traffic areas. These dams make sure that this doesn’t happen and other benefits too.

Community Based Tourism Tour Package

Tourism and agriculture is Samui’s biggest industries – and also the biggest users of fresh water. To make sure Samui can continue to be a tourist hotspot, innovations such as these check dams are important. And now tourists can help the eco-efforts of Samui as part of green tours being offered. And the operators have made sure that the activities they offer are completely unique and definitely for the curious eco-traveller. You can experience coconut planting, helping at a coral nursery and now building dams and learning about water conservation. And of course a mountain safari tour, incredible local food and viewpoints on the island that will blow your mind. We think this is a great way to get the sun and surf and give back too! Each package is for about 12 people only – so if you want to join contact Samui Watershad Unite or TAT Samui.

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