Trang, the Center of Southern Seaside Tourism


Trang in a nutshell


To begin with, Trang is a seaside province lies on the Andaman regions. Trang has certain charms and characteristics similar to Krabi, and Phang Nga. Including Breath-taking beaches, and glamorous ocean. In the past, the province was not this prominent. Until recently, the destination pushes itself to become one of a leaders in southern travel industries and gain a sheer amount of attentions as one of the best beaches in the Andaman region both internationally and domestically.

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Getting There

Since Trang is quite far from Bangkok, there are mainly 2 ways that we recommend.

By plane

Ordinarily, there are Nok Air, Thai AirAsia, and Thai Lion Air that provides flight from Bangkok to Trang every day. It takes approximately 1.30 hours. This method is for everyone who prefers the quick, pleasant, and lenient way to travel to the destination.

Flight to Trang

By buses

There are air-conditioned buses available in Southern Bus Terminal. The trip takes approximately 12 hours, so we suggest you take an overnight trip; therefore, you will arrive at dawn without having any fatigue and fully ready for you wonderful trip.

Call Trang Bus Terminal 0-7521-8718 for further information.

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