TTM+ 2014: Why Should YOU Visit Thailand (Part 2)


Thailand Travel Mart Plus 2014:Why Should YOU Visit Thailand


The city of Pattaya is located roughly 100 kilometers Southeast of Bangkok and its economy is largely built on tourism. We connected with the Mayor of Pattaya to see what is happening in this seaside area Moving southwards, we visited high-end tourist haven Hua Hin which is about three hours from the capital to see luxury Golf Resort Black Mountain and found out that this area of tourism is gaining new growth.

Despite events this year – Phuket, Krabi and Samui have all experienced growth in their visitor numbers. The projected number of arrivals of tourists into Thailand for 2014 is 25.6 million. And in Phuket, a large portion of this number is bolstering the tourism economy. The countries with the most growth in visitors into Thailand are China, Malaysia and Russia. Thailand is still experiencing increases in all major sectors particularly the Middle East where visitor numbers are up 17.59 percent. So moving North now to Chiang Mai, expats Angela and Chris say they have not been affected at all by the situation.

The TAT is boosting interest back into the country through active travel blogger support highlighting the importance of updated online presence. So we went to tourist mecca Samui to get feedback from those in the tourism sector. While Thailand shifts through this transitionary period, our look at the country as a whole has revealed that tourism diversity and numbers are still increasing. Next we head back to TTM plus to see what is happening on the sellers side of the tourism industry.

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Well I’m afraid that that is all we have time for on this edition of iTravel Exclusives. If you’d like to find out more about the campaign, keep your eye out for the ‘Women’s Journey Thailand’ mobile app, which should be released very soon.

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