Guide to the Taste of Isaan Food


Food Tips on the Taste of Isaan


The food of the Isaan region of North-Eastern Thailand is quite distinct from the rest of the country, with its fiery flavours, fresh ingredients and wonderful textures earning it legions of fans around the country and the culinary world. If you are not familiar with Isaan food, Ubon Ratchatani is the perfect place to give it a try; we promise you won’t be disappointed.
Thai Food at Som Tam Jinda Restaurant in Ubon Ratchathani

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Facts about Traditional Isaan Cooking

The fact that traditional Isaan cooking uses no oil or coconut milk and makes extensive use of fresh herbs and raw vegetables means that it is generally thought to be a healthier alternative to other, more familiar Thai cuisines. Food is generally grilled, steamed, boiled, stewed or simply mixed as a delicious salad.

Isaan Food

Issan has developed a number of outstanding dishes that have become famous throughout the world. From spicy salads such as som tam, larb and nam tok to succulent, marinated grilled meats and fresh river fish, which are typically grilled and served whole served. And of course no Isaan meal would be complete without a generous helping of stick rice.

Taste of Isaan food

Fiery chilies, strong fish sauces, sour bites, and flavorful sauces characterize most Isaan dishes. If you’re not usually a fan of spice it may be best to ask for mild on your first visit, either that or make sure that have a large class of iced water or chilled beer at your side!

For any traveller, food is a crucial part of your overall travel experience and can leave a lasting impression on you long after your trip is just a fading memory. With fresh ingredients, bucket lads of flavour and all at typically bargain prices, Isaan’s distinctive cuisine is sure to leave you wanting to come back for more.

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