Upside Down House (Baan Teelanka)


Things to See and Do in Upside Down House, Phuket


It’s a 13-meter, three-story house with a floor for a ceiling, and a ceiling for a floor. Upside Down House, or as it’s called in Thai Baan Teelanka, is a new attraction in Phuket that’s quite literally making people look from an entirely new perspective.

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Upside Down Tuk Tuk and Furnitures

At Upside Down House, guests are invited in to walk on the ceiling. Everything seems to be on its wrong side, from the furniture to the TukTuk in the parking garage! It’s confusing, quirky and strange that’s exactly what makes it so much fun. Upside Down House is a big hit with tourists who want to take unique snaps for social media, either hanging off of staircases and sofas to posing with fishes swimming in an upside down tank. It’s the only attraction of its kind in all of Thailand.

Listen to 80’s soundtrack at Upside Down House

The attraction is totally eccentric, even including a bumping ’80s soundtrack, and that’s what makes it impossible to leave without a grin and a fresh outlook on life. But for those who are looking to puzzle their brain even further, there is also a garden maze directly behind Upside Down House. The 1,000 square meter labyrinth winds around and around, with dead ends and disorienting routes.

Designer of Upside Down House, Phuket

Designed by Adrian Fisher Ltd., a U.K. company renowned for creating top-notch mazes around the world, it’s certainly a funny experience. The maze is also a great activity for a family outing and it’s easy to enjoy for anybody, young or old.

Opening Hours and Admission Fee

Upside Down House is open everyday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The entrance fee is THB 250 for adults and THB 150 for children.

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