Unique ways on how Valentines Day celebrated in Asia


Exclusive scoop at how Valentines Day is celebrated in unique style throughout Asia


Welcome you all to a very special edition of iTravel Exclusives where we are afraid to say we have all been bitten by the love bug and so have decided to devote an entire episode to celebrating Valentine’s Day. Now Valentines Day may have its roots in sixteenth century England, but today it is celebrated all around the world and Asia is no exception. In fact, some Asian countries go all out to celebrate the day in spectacular fashion.

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Valentine’s Day in Japan

First up to Japan, where the Japanese have seemingly turned Valentines Day on its head as it is in fact the women who are expected to give gifts of chocolates to the men, and not just their boyfriends or husbands, as they are in fact expected to buy chocolates for all the men in their lives, including male co-workers – often at considerable personal expense.

Now if you think that this is a little unfair, don’t worry, as the following month on March 14th, Japan has it’s ‘White Day’, when men are expected to buy their wives or girlfriends something white, often lingerie, to return the favour.

Valentine’s Day in China

The Chinese have their own version of Valentine’s Day which falls on the 7th month and 7th day of the lunar calendar and celebrates a love story between the seventh daughter of the Emperor of Heaven and an orphaned cowherd, who were sent to separate stars and only allowed to see each other on this one day each year. Given the day’s popularity among young girls, the day is often known as the Young Girl’s Festival and is celebrated throughout the country.

Valentine’s Day in Thailand

Here in Thailand perhaps the most unique way of celebrating Valentines Day has to be the mass underwater weddings that take place off the coast of Trang Province every year, an event that is now recognised by the Guinness book of World records as the biggest event of its kind in the World.

Valentine’s Day in The Philippines

Couples in the Philippines on the other hand choose to tie the knot on dry land in mass weddings that take place throughout the country on Valentines Day. Last year over 2,000 couples are thought to have taken part in what has to be one of the biggest displays of love to be found anywhere in the world.

Valentine’s Day in South Korea

Although all these countries put in a commendable effort for Valentines Day, the award for most love obsessed country would surely have to go South Korea, which has an incredible 13 love-infused days to celebrate, including a hug day and a kiss day.

It also makes sure that singletons don’t feel left out by holding a ‘Black Day’ on April 14th, when the nation’s single men and women head for their favourite noodle bar and order big bowls of black noodles, which they eat alone whilst contemplating where it all went wrong!

So there you have it, a quick run down on some of the more unique and colourful way that Valentines day is celebrated here in Asia.

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