Visakha Bucha Day in Chiang Mai, Thailand


Top Things to do on Visakha Bucha Day in Chiang Mai, Thailand


One of the most treasured milestones in the Buddhist calendar is the Visaka Bucha day. This vibrant and sacred festival is celebrated across Thailand with a variety of traditions and celebrations, paying homage to the birth, enlightenment and death of Buddha. As the vast majority of the country is Buddhist, these traditions may vary from region to region: the unifying factor being the deep sense of spirituality and the festival’s vibrant, colourful character.

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Merit Making and Listen to Dhamma Preaching

In the morning of the festival, it is traditional for Thai’s to gather at the nation’s gilded temples to pray and pay their respects to Buddha, often lighting fragrant incense. They also give offerings of traditional Thai dishes to the monks and may, at certain temples, listen to Dhamma preaching.

Walk on 11km Pilgrimage to Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai

As evening descends, dazzling candlelit processions are led at major temples – the air filling with smoke and the aroma of incense for this sacred, captivating ritual. In Chang-Mai, devotees walk an 11km pilgrimage uphill in a moving display of reverence, which includes food along the way.

Overall, this festival truly encapsulates the deep-running spirituality of Thailand, as well as the vibrancy and beauty of its traditions.

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