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If you have been to the Land of Smiles even once, you will recognize the truth of the following statement: there is nowhere in the world quite like Thailand. Sure, there are other beautiful SE Asian countries, with their fair share of temples, beaches and luxury resorts – but there is something unique about Thailand which captures the hearts of so many people around the world and brings them back to visit the country time and time again.

This exceptional quality can probably be described, in a simple but perfect way, as ‘Thainess’, and it is Thainess which gives the country it’s aura of hidden magic, awe and mystery. Thainess is subtle and yet always present; you can see it in the respect given to monks during an early morning alms-giving, and you can find it in the smile and shy wai of a young child or in the determined way Thai people forge on with life despite obstacles in their path, brushing off difficulties with the casual but incredibly important phrase, mai pen rai – never mind.

Thainess is a quality that charms so many foreigners who visit the country and it comes in different forms; in the people and their rich culture and traditions, but also in the many vibrant destinations which can be found throughout the Land of Smiles.

From world-famous tourist hotspots such as Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and Samui to less well-known but equally spectacular locations such as Loei, Buri Ram, Trang and Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand is full of fascinating places to see and explore, each of them with their own unique character and attractions… To learn more about them all, check out iTravel Channel and be sure to stay tuned as in the coming months we will be exploring 12 of Thailand’s lesser known provinces to unveil their many unmissable attractions in a series of Destination specials and handy iTips episodes!

Of course, if it’s many incredible cities, islands, beaches and temples weren’t enough to enchant you, there are also so many different aspects of Thailand and the Thai lifestyle which can be enjoyed by visitors — aspects which can be comfortably distilled down into 7 distinct areas or themes: Energetic, Fun, Creativity, Harmony, Sophistication, Prestige and Peace of Mind. To learn more about these enriching areas of Thai life and tradition, don’t miss our colourful iTips videos which teach you more about everything from Thai customs and culture to the art of Thai massage and the essentials of the beautiful Thai language.

As you can probably see, Thailand is not just a tourist hotspot with great beaches and buzzing nightlife. It is a country with an incredible history and a captivating culture. It is also a country of many layers, each one richer and more beautiful than the last — and the great thing is, the more you visit the more you can peel away these layers to witness the true wonder that lies at the heart of Thainess and the Thai people. And so, as we leave you to search for the next available flight to Bangkok, make a little time to check out these incredible videos and see for yourself just how amazing the country and its people truly are. They call it Amazing Thailand for a reason you know!

Disclaimer: The videos presented in this blog are not the property of Kirby Studios and come fromTourism Authority of Thailand YouTube Channel. 

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