Admire the Sleeping Buddha at Beautiful Wat Hat Yai Nai!


Wat Hat Yai Nai in Hat Yai, Thailand


One of Hat Yai’s most remarkable places of worship is Wat Hat Yai Nai, a majestic open-air temple which houses a gargantuan reclining Buddha statue, measuring 35 metres in length, 10 metres in width and 15 metres in height. As well as being one of the largest of its kind in Thailand, this Buddha is also one of the biggest in the world, and you can’t help but marvel when you stand before it.
Wat Hat Yai Nai
However the Buddha isn’t the only amazing thing about the temple; Wat Hat Yai Nai is a thing of beauty in its own right, with its mighty embellished columns and elaborate red and gold tiered roofs jutting into a pale blue sky. These roofs are carefully designed to evoke the serpentine lines and curves of mythical beasts such as Nagas and Garudas, and the temple makes a stunning backdrop for your selfies and holiday snaps. A stream of foreign and local tourists come here to admire the Buddha and to pray; during your visit be sure to make a donation and whisper your prayers and desires to the reclining Buddha, whose hand is cupped to his ear, as if waiting to hear what his visitors have to say to him.

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