Wat Mahathat (Wat Mahathat Yuwaratrangsarit)


Walking Through Royalty


Take a walk through one of ten of the highest class royal temples in Bangkok. Completely immerse yourself in this royal paradise. Built back in the Ayutthaya period which existed from 1351 – 1767, the temple was known back then as Wat Salak before Bangkok was even founded. During it’s time it was renovated and raised in class numerous times and was later renamed to its current name Wat Mahatha. This name is given to temples that contain relics of the Buddha.

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Become Enlightened on Royal Grounds

There are various buildings here and a large number of beautifully displayed Buddha figures surrounding the outside of the courtyard.

Next to the temple is a large amulet market that is set up every Sunday. Here there are many religious amulets and traditional medicines.

It is also home to Thailand’s first Buddhist university where hundreds of monks study the teachings of the Buddha. Meditation classes are available for 3 hours daily, some of which can be done in English.

At the meditation centre, they will practise a form of meditation known as Vipassana meditation, a practice about the insight into the true nature of reality. Although the classes are free to attend, it is important to donate once you have fulfilled your mind.

Cover Up

As with any spiritual place in Thailand it is essential to dress appropriately. Respect the culture and follow any rules so as not to offend the culture and locals.

Both sexes should cover their knees and shoulders. Ideally you would tend to cover your ankles as well. Tank tops, shorts above the knees are not appropriate to wear. However, a scarf or pashmina to cover the shoulders over a tank top is tolerable.

Avoid being lost. How to get there

The easiest way to get there is by Chao Phraya express boat to Tha Chang pier which is in walking to the temple.

Taxi drivers will generally know the area. Like with any location you travel it is a good idea to get your hotel receptionist to write the location down in Thai so it can be shown to the driver.


3 Thanon Maharat, Na Luk, Bangkok 10200

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