Exploring Wat (Temple) Prayoon in Thonburi, Bangkok


Exploring Wat Prayoon Temple


Whilst visiting Bangkok take the time to stopover at Wat (temple) Prayoon. It’s located close to the memorial Bridge near the western side of the Chao Phraya River. A beautiful temple that is open daily from 9am to 6pm and is free to enter. A spiritual place is one to see without having the big crowds.

Built in 1828 during the time when King Rama III reigned, Wat Prayoon had cast iron fences imported from England to be presented to King Rama III for the use in the grand palace. These fences presented to the King were not to his satisfaction however and so instead were used throughout the temple, and in their place, the king was presented with sugar equal to the weight of iron.

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Wat Prayoon has the typical structures of a Buddhist temple such as the meditation hall, ordination hall, assembly hall, library and visitor’s eyes will not miss the striking white of a Chedi rising in to the Bangkok sky.

Walking around the grounds there is a place called “turtle mountain” which was modelled after a heap of candles that had been melted together. The impressive area houses several spirit houses. At the base of turtle mountain there is a pond which turtles call home. For a small fee you can feed them.

Did you know that in Thailand turtles are a sacred animal in Buddhist belief.

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Dress Code

As with any spiritual place in Thailand it is essential to dress appropriately. It’s important to respect the culture and follow any rules so as not to offend the culture and locals.

There is a simple rule when visiting a temple which is that both sexes should cover their knees and shoulders. Ideally you would tend to cover your ankles as well. Tank tops, shorts above the knees are not appropriate to wear. However, a scarf or pashmina to cover the shoulders over a tank top is tolerable.

Navigating Your Way

A fun way to arrive there is to take the river taxi to Saphan Phut Pier, then walk across memorial bridge. Walking across the bridge you will see the red iron fence.

Taxi drivers know the area and can take you there. Once there you cannot miss the red fence of the temple and the white Chedi. Like with any location you travel it is a good idea to get your hotel receptionist to write down the location in Thai and you can show this to your driver. Sometimes you may find that a driver will say yes to a job without exactly knowing the location.

Having a map of your own is also good to make sure you are going to the correct temple.


Soi Kanlaya 5, Khlong San, Thon Buri, Bangkok, Thailand 10600.

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