Wat Saket, The Golden Mount


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Wat Saket, also known as the golden mount. The Temple itself is acclaimed as one of the most beautiful temple in Thailand. It was built on a man-made hill. You require to climb up 300 steps of stairs to get to the top, but we assure you that the sights of the views will make it worthwhile. Wat Saket itself was placed at the base of the mountain, you can look at where the monk ordinarily lives and the pilgrimage site for Buddhist.

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The Center of Beliefs

Wat Saket is very crowded during Loy Krathong festival that take place every year during November. Since Wat Saket is the host of the Loy Khratong Fair that helds for 9 days. There’s a rumor that if anybody who pilgrimage the relics, will guide their life into a better path. There’s also a giant gong for visitors to hit, for prosperity, and flourishing life.

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