What a Trump Golf Weekend Buys You in Thailand

Trump Golf
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The Cost of Donald Trump’s Florida Golf Outings


As US taxpayers scramble to cough up billions of dollars to meet this year’s April 18th tax deadline, US President Donald Trump took his 17th taxpayer funded golf outing. Each time Donald Trump hops into Air Force One for a southern Florida golf trip, it costs US taxpayers $3,000,000 USD each time.

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This got us to thinking, just what will $3 Million US Dollars buy you in Thailand? We got to work and decided to put together a comparison.

  • The most luxurious way to live in Thailand and,
  • The more practical way to stretch that cool $3 Million

What we found is really not that surprising. With 3 million dollars, free and clear, you could get much more than a weekend of golf.

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What 3 Million Buys in Thailand if you are Going for Broke

A 185sqm, two-bedroom suite at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Bangkok, which translates to 1,991 square feet for you Americans, or just 124 square feet under the national average for houses in the US, costs just over $3,589.23 per night (according to agoda.com).

Mandarin Oriental Bangkok Royal Suite
Credit: Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

The Mandarin Oriental in Bangkok enjoys one the highest-ratings in the entire world. It features incomparable luxury and services, a panoramic view of the Chao Phrya River, gardens, a pool, 24-hour fine dining and, if you’re staying in one of the suites, includes your very own, on-call butler. It’s the home away from home for heads of state, including the Queen of England, rock music royalty, countless stars of stage and screen as well as some of the most famous names in recent history.

Mandarin Oriental Bangkok Deluxe Room
Credit: Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

But, little old you could also live in the lap of luxury at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, being waited on hand and foot, for approximately 2.3 years on what Trump costs the taxpayers for just a weekend of golf.

Spent Wisely, What $3 Million Buys Thailand

For those of us who don’t have the luxury of blowing $3 million in a weekend, let alone taxpayer money, what if we stretched it out? You can live extremely well if you decided to stretch it out. First, you can buy a perfectly beautiful, luxury 2-bedroom condo with a pool on the resort island of Phuket for under $150,000, including a 99-year leasehold agreement.

Kata Rocks Phuket Villas
Credit: Kata Rocks Phuket

Since foreigners can’t own property in Thailand, the 99-year leasehold allows you to own the structure that sits on the property. This way, you can reside in the condo and then sell the home for its market value.

Next, let’s add a nice, but reasonable car into that figure to enable you to cruise around the island in relative style. You can buy a new Honda Accord in Thailand for slightly less than $44,000.

Kata Rocks Phuket Sky Villas
Credit: Kata Rocks Phuket

So, you’ve got a beautiful tropical home with a pool, a brand new car and you still have nearly 2.8 million dollars in your pocket. You’ll need to furnish your new home as well, so let’s say you spend another $15,000 on furnishings.

Trump Golf Weekend Price Tag: Live the Rest of Your Life of Luxury

So, now you’re left with just under 2.8 million and your basic needs have been met rather nicely. How long would you be able to maintain this lifestyle? The answer is: For the rest of your life, as long as you’re careful with your money.

The best certificate of deposit rates are somewhere around 1.5 – 1.6%. If you lived on the $190,000+ left after your purchases and invested 2.6 million in CDs at the interest rate of 1.5% for a three-year deposit, you’d earn just over $39,000 a year. That works out to about $2,600 a month after Uncle Sam takes his share. You could, theoretically at least, continue to roll the 2.6 million over for years.

pecial Fixed Deposit by Bangkok Bank
Credit: Bangkok Bank

$2,600 a month may not seem like very much, but consider the minimum income required for a foreigner to get a residency visa in Thailand, is less than $1,900 a month. Thailand is a remarkably inexpensive place to live. A meal at a local street stand costs around a dollar. Healthcare and home rental costs are less than a quarter of what they are in the US. You’d be able to maintain a very pleasant lifestyle on $2,600 a month.

To think that Trump has cost the American taxpayers $3 million a total of 17 times (so far) since taking office boggles the mind. We hope this comparison provides a different perspective on money and what it can buy outside of the US.

How would you spend that amount of money? Tell us what your dream of a perfect lifestyle is.

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