Why Eco-tourists and Adventurers Should Head to Khiri Wong Kot Village


Eco-tourism project in Udon Thani


Set amid picturesque natural landscape, Khiri Wong is a long-running local community that has been living the original folklife. The residents have developed an eco-tourism project to welcome visitors to experience their ways of life as well as discovering the beauty of nature through trekking trails and activities. Therefore, it won Thailand Tourism Awards for best culture and community travel in 1998.
Khiri Wong Kot Village
Visitors can appreciate the folk life here all year round, with the most attractive time during July to September—the fruiting season. It is also a base camp before trekking up to Khao Luang. One can get to the village by taking a mini-bus from Talat Yao. Buses depart from 7 a.m.-4 p.m. The fare is 17 baht. Alternatively, one can drive on the Amphoe Mueang-Lan Saka route for 26 kilometres. The sign pointing to the village is at the 20-km marker on the right.

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