Wat Ban Rai Temple (Elephant Temple)


Guide to Wat Ban Rai Temple (Elephant Temple)


A DHARMA park initiated by Luang Poh Koon Parisutho or Phra Thep Wittayakom of Wat Baan Rai in Nakhon Ratchasima is slated for completion in October with the opening scheduled to mark the revered monk’s 90th birthday.Work on Baan Rai Dharma Park, a centre for learning built on the site of a lake, was started in 2011. Its centre piece is a ceramic shrine called Thep Wittayakom depicting the Tripitaka, Buddhism’s sacred texts.

The Park is designed to educate people about Buddhist teachings through the universal language of arts – architecture, paintings, and sculptures. Asia’s largest ceramic mosaic shrine has been hand-made by Thai people. The faithful villagers have carefully and mindfully put together more than 20 million pieces of mosaic. One person can attach no more than one-square-metre of ceramic per day.

This shrine is not just a place that Buddhists can visit to truly appreciate dharma, but also where the villagers of Dan Khun Tod can rightfully earn a living. The construction came about thanks to the determination of Luang Poh Koon who said ‘I will do it for the people who give me food and water everyday’,” says Kriengkrai Jarutawee, vice president of the Wat Baan Rai committee.

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